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About Us


Aegis Power plc's business strategy is to identify, develop, build, own and operate electricity and heat generation plants in the UK and Ireland. These plants contribute to the need for sustainable energy from renewable sources.

The Company possesses significant knowledge of renewable energy markets, clean technologies, fuel sources, project development, project finance, project delivery and operation.

The Company is technology neutral and is focused on delivering optimal returns for shareholders through the diversification of technology, development and jurisdictional risks using Biomass, Energy from Waste (EfW), Wind, Anerobic Digestion and Solar renewable technologies.

The Company aims to have a minimum of 500MW in its total pipeline within three years. The Company currently has a pipeline of renewable energy projects at various stages of operation and development totalling 250MW.


  • 10 Years of Renewable Energy knowledge and experience;
  • Specific Planning & Permitting knowledge and experience - obtained 40 Planning Permissions in UK and Ireland for the Development of 10MW of Wind Energy.
  • Detailed and relevant Project Finance experience and success;
  • Project Delivery experience;
  • Exported Electricity to a national Grid from numerous operational Wind assets.